Zaelz and Van

On-Air DJs

Zaelz is one of two of the Bold Brothas who started DJing in September of 2016 for KPR. DJing for KPR is his first experience with this “social gathering business” and he finds it “quite intriguing.” Zaelz has always liked listening to music and enjoys sharing his collection with an audience. He met Van after the academy at federation outpost 0672, where they both worked endlessly inventorying it’s cargo hold as the A-Team.

Van is the second Bold Brotha and was a party monster long before he met Zaelz. During his academy years Van participated in many sports, as well as the debauchery that followed. Van’s antics are either to the dismay or enjoyment of Zaelz, there is no in between; but they are sure to keep the party interesting. While Zaelz still haunts outpost 0672 Van runs security for the local sector.

The Boldnight Run boldly goes on Sunday evening/Monday morning at 12am to 2am EST. A variety of music can be heard on this most bold event; a mix of metal, punk, industrial, alternative, electronic, dance, techno, hard rock, classic rock, and jazz. If you would like to add a bold brova, Zaelz or Van, as a friend in STO you can find them at @zevandera or @vanweros25 respectively.