Hey guys and welcome back to my monthly look at all things Star Citizen related. Firstly an apology because this is way later than I intended it to be. I have had a request to write a how to guide on how to actually get into the game, the different options in the main menu etc but after looking at the different Twitch streamers play a version of 3.0 at Gamescom over the last few days I decided to delay that until 3.0 actually drops as I think there’s a good chance it will be different from the build that’s currently live.

Next up I want to thank everyone who tuned in and came and partied with me on my final show on STO, there wasn’t many of you but and the evening was quieter than it had been on previous shows. I guess it was just one of those shows where everyone had something else they would rather have been doing. None the less thank you all!

So, let’s get back to Star Citizen. This past week Gamescom was on in Cologne, Germany and on the show floor they were showing off a custom build of 3.0 and from what I saw while moderating the chat on Twitch it looked amazing. There were some interesting bugs but that’s what happens with a game that’s still in the Alpha phase of development. Usually with a video game they work on it and then about 6 months before they are due to release they announce it and engage the hype machine to get people excited with it. That’s one of the differences with Cloud Imperium Games and Star Citizen, because its crowd funded everyone gets to see a lot more of the process, warts and all.

When 3.0 drops in the next few weeks (fingers crossed by the time I get to write my next update!) all indications are that it will be ready for us to party in although there was one disappointing thing that I did see during the event and presentation on Friday is that the female avatar won’t be included with 3.0. Apparently, the animations wasn’t up to scratch and they need more time to get them to the same level as the male avatar.

This year’s main Star Citizen presentation was an interesting one. They showed off the first capital ship in game which made me drool a little. I’m ok with admitting that, Party Barge anyone?

Check this out. Its footage from the presentation with the ship actually landing in game. Just to give you some kind of idea that ship is called an Idris and that’s one of the smaller capital ships. The others are much bigger.

I’d honestly suggest checking out the presentation in full. One word of warning though: like most live events this one didn’t quite go to plan, but still turned out great in the end.

Finally this month is something interesting they announced during the presentation and that’s the ability with the aid of a webcam to make your in game character’s mouth move with yours. So when you’re talking with someone in game over VOIP, it will look like you’re in game character will actually look like he’s saying the words. I do believe there is a version of this in STO but it’ll be taken to another level in Star Citizen. Also they announced that they have partnered up with a company called Faceware to develop this tech further and they have also been working on an enhanced webcam that they will be selling for people who want to take full advantage of this new feature. Personally I’m still on the fence about the webcam and some of this but it still look pretty cool check out this video for more info.

That’s just about it for this month, hopefully by the next blog 3.0 will have gone live.

See you guys out there.. in the Black