We won’t be abandoning Star Trek Online; far from it. We all love you guys in STO and as long as there is a community who wants to party with us in STO we’ll be there playing the tunes and partying with you guys until the small hours (for some of us anyway 😛 ).

Hello everyone and welcome to this month’s Star Citizen update. Over the course of these blogs I’ll be attempting to go over what you need to know for when me and maybe one or two of the DJ’s start moving our shows into the game. I Initially thought I’d write these for the beginning of the month but due to illness and life being a pain, so far it hasn’t quite worked out that way, so moving forward I’m going to be aiming for the middle of the month as it seems that’s when I can get this done.

Last time I said that this month we’ll be looking a little bit more in depth as to what’s actually in 3.0 and discussing why it’s such a big deal. Before I begin, all the information I’m using to write this can be found at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report I’m just trying to shorten it so it doesn’t put some of you to sleep.

Ok so let’s get started.

First thing I’m going to talk about is one of the biggest parts of the 3.0 release patch, and it’s a doozy as the saying goes. With patch 3.0 we will be getting three new planets to land on (Yela, Cellin and Daymar), no loading screens, no instances on the planets we can fly our ships from space down to the planetary surface and go for a walk until eventually we’ll encounter our ship again which will be exactly where we parked it on the surface. Now these planets are moons but it’s definitely going to give us some fun places to have parties. Especially since these new moons will have outposts on them.
Next thing on my list of stuff to go into that’s coming out in 3.0 is Character Customisation. I know I mentioned this either last month or in my first blog but It’s still something that’s a pretty big deal. As things stand currently when you sign into Star Citizen everyone is the same bald headed character, the same height everything. Coming up in 3.0 that should all change as not only will you now have a female avatar to choose from as well as the male, but there should also be a whole load of other options to play with as well. This won’t be the finished article as I’m sure it’s going to have new options added / tweaked all the way up until release and maybe even beyond. But from what I’ve seen of it so far through different video’s they’ve released it looks superb.

I’m going to leave it there for now as those are the main two that would affect the party scene in Star Citizen. But if you’re curious as to what else they are including in the 3.0 patch then I really would suggest you click on the link I included with this month’s entry. I’ll be returning next month and we’ll be going into how you get to play the game and how you get to join me in Star Citizen. Everything from pricing, picking a package and what you need to know. Until next month guys I’ll see you then (unless of course you come to my parties in STO :P).