We won’t be abandoning Star Trek Online far from it. We all love you guys in STO and as long as there is a community who wants to party with us in STO we’ll be there playing the tunes and partying with you guys until the small hours (for some of us anyway 😛 ).

Welcome back to the second of my blogs about Star Citizen. I purposely waited before I wrote this month’s update because I was waiting for Cloud Imperium Games to make an announcement I was waiting for, and that happened last night. I’ll try and give you guys a broad overview and what that means to KPR.

What was it I was waiting for?

I was waiting for the announcement for the next iteration of the game, aka 3.0. Essentially over the last couple of years the game developers have been working on implementing the core parts of the game. That has now been done to a level where they can now start adding content and that’s what 3.0 is all about. They also gave a date (End of June 2017) as to when they hope to have 3.0 out to the community on the live server. However, as with everything game creation related, these dates can slip and are the best guess they can come up with. Games don’t just appear out of thin air, contrary to popular belief!

CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) are hoping to have 3.0 in our hands by the end of June, so what does that mean to KPR? Initially not much. As the person responsible for taking KPR into Star Citizen I want to make sure it’s done right, so this iteration of the game will need to have all the ingredients that all of us need to have a great party. So if they aren’t in yet, then we won’t be partying in Star Citizen yet, simplez.

I’ll give you a brief idea of what I’m looking for before we move some of our shows over there. Yes and I did say some because as I stated at the very beginning we won’t be abandoning STO.. Far from it!

These are in no particular order…

Character customisation: As things stand at this moment, every character in the “game” is male and has the same face and body as every other character you see. This won’t work for any of us for the moment, but it’s due in some form for 3.0 last I checked.

Places to Party: Surprisingly as the “game” stands currently there are a good number of places for us to party. The G-Loc bar on Stanton is the one that jumps straight out to me. There’s a few others in there but as it stands currently there are still more places in STO.

Dance Emotes: As star Citizen stands at the moment there are a good number of emotes in “game” including a few dance emotes, but I want to see how they change as things move forward. What’s in there now could be very different to 3.0, and how can we have a party without being able to dance?

Clothing: I know how much a majority of you like to have a good amount of clothing options. There are many options in STO, but Star Citizen has promised much more, so much that I know a lot of you will be spending literally hours and hours getting the right look for your characters. Will there be a good selection in 3.0? We don’t know yet. That will be something I’ll be checking out.

That’s just about it from me for this month, but please head over to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ and check things out for yourself. Watch the videos and if you haven’t yet, perhaps check out the store and eventually join us in Star Citizen. If you have any questions feel free to ask one of us in game or on Discord. The buttons are on the front page.

I’ll be back next month where I’ll be starting to go over what’s actually coming in 3.0.