Afternoon Delight with DJ Riv'na

Afternoon Delight with DJ Riv’na is on every Saturday afternoon from 5-8 pm EST. The proclaimed “Mistress of Bounce” plays trance, dance, house and much more!

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Hell Yeah with Wurd

Hell Yeah! with Wurd contains plenty of hard rock and metal from the late 20th century focusing on the 80’s decade. It airs live every morning from 6 to 8am Eastern.

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New Year's Bash a Smashing Success!

KPR’s New Year’s Bash was incredible. We wanted to take a moment to send out our thanks to each and every one of our listeners for making 2016 such an amazing year for the station.


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ReplyTianna 25.06 23:51
This KPR Kitteh loves Serine Sensations =^.^=
ReplyKarmaplasticity 25.06 11:01
Just learned about you all. I will be tuning in!
ReplyAshlyn Hansen 18.06 22:40
Sarina is awesome! Thank you for the tunes
ReplyKacy 15.06 20:23
Even though I am stuck at work, I am rocking to the awesome music that is so Twofer. Thanks Twofer for helping make the extra work bearable. 🙂
ReplyCaptain Michaels 14.06 22:58
wow what a super soulful D.J. show on Risa today really enjoyed hearing lot of fav songs thanks!
ReplyTianna 11.06 23:44
I love my Sarina time. 🙂
Thanks for the show, Malcolm.
ReplyMia Kteh 03.06 05:52
stonn rocks.. logically! =^.^= kitteh approved!!
Sweeet. Very nice mix, DJ! AD/NT salutes you.
{reply 121can always rely on what kinda day my fleet is having by tuning in to the app thanks don}
ReplyTriton 27.05 20:55
Vulcans do appreciate beauty, and this playlist is indeed Beautiful to my Romulan Ears!
ReplyT\\\'Ricia 27.05 19:58
This Vulcan does
Great party! Thank you, Malcolm.
ReplyK-Dachi 27.05 14:54
Vulcans do not dance.
Replyspock 27.05 14:06
party rocks
ReplyWoody_Valley 27.05 00:02
Stonn really ripping the tunes tonight!!
ReplyMia Kteh 23.05 22:05
awesome tuesday nite parties! smokey and roy rocked!!
ReplyT\\\'Pot 23.05 20:21
Smokey always does an awesome show!:twisted:
ReplyShaggy 23.05 17:29
Smokey Rawks
ReplyMia Kteh 20.05 16:08
Malcom Rocks! =^.^= Kitteh Approved!

Party Photos

To the right you can see some recent photos of our in-game parties. If you have any photos you would like to submit, please email them to us at Please include info for the pictures such as what party they are from and your own name so we can give you the credit for them. Pictures must be in JPG or JPEG format, and submitted in a compressed .ZIP folder. Maybe your photo will end up here!

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