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New Year's Bash a Smashing Success!

KPR’s New Year’s Bash was incredible. We wanted to take a moment to send out our thanks to each and every one of our listeners for making 2016 such an amazing year for the station.


NancieTime with Nancie Kirk

NancieTime is a show dedicated to Heavy Metal and a good time! The show airs on Tuesdays from 5 to 8pm Eastern, and Wednesdays from 8 to 10pm Eastern.

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From the Black with Neridium

From the Black is usually a mix of dance, trance, drum and bass, hardcore, and jumpstyle. It airs every Friday from 5 to 8pm Eastern.

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KPR Shoutbox

ReplyOakenboken 24.02 17:23
ReplyBenny@spotteddog 19.02 18:57
I made it, lol.
ReplySiren 18.02 14:25
Good luck Malcom
ReplyGert 14.02 12:17
Howdi from South Africa awesome tunes
ReplyIsha Tkara 10.02 21:15
DJ Kell is back tonight with awesome tunes and a bit of Valentine fun tonight! Friday Night with Kell omly on KPR !!! Friday Nights!
ReplyDJ Zaonce 29.01 20:40
Still not as good my shows but anything Phil Collins is generally great
ReplyGreat Music Mix!! Nice job, Stonn. ++ 28.01 21:06
ReplyPhoenix_Lord 28.01 19:10
Thanks Stonn.
ReplyBethanie 28.01 02:46
For those that my wonder why I haven’t been in game lately it is due to loss of internet. Hopefully I will be able to get internet back in the next week or so. I’ll try and keep y’all updated when I can.
Replyrockcandyecu 23.01 07:04
ReplyYou\\\'re friend 19.01 01:18
Phil Collins? Respect earned
Great music, Poppy. And that’s to all you DJ’s at KPR. Great for playing STO. Thx!!
ReplyIsha Tkara 05.01 16:05
PARTY ALERT! DJ Poppi (KPR) partying NOW at DS9 #4 at Quarkโ€™s! Tune in for great music and fun!
ReplyMia Kitteh 01.01 17:02
Happy Mew Year!
ReplyThomas 29.12.2016 18:32
Happy New Year all
ReplyBrad 25.12.2016 20:18
Merry Christmas ya’ll!
ReplyGroot 25.12.2016 12:05
Kell, It’s not Mistletoe. It’s actually Poison Ivy. ๐Ÿ˜›
ReplyGroot 25.12.2016 10:23
Here’s a Christmas Wish for all of our KPR gang. May you and your family have good Health and Happiness for the next year. If any of you had to travel just get back home safe or as Groot would say I AM GROOOOT.
ReplyIsha Tkara 25.12.2016 10:08
Christmas Party/Music with Kell NOW at Q’s WW #31, Tides of Ice Balcony Til 12 or 1 noon EST. Join us! Or just enjoy the varied Xmas music while celebrating your own way! Merry Christmas everyone!
ReplyGoodwin 25.12.2016 09:22
Merry Christmas from the goodwin clan enjoy your day

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