"Friday Night with Kell" Returns!

Friday Night with Kell has been one of KPR’s premiere shows for years, and its finally returning! Kell finally managed to convince Nuki to let him out of his cage again every Friday night from 8 to 11pm Eastern.

Insanity with Malcom

Malcom is KPR’s first German DJ, and he brings an excellent taste in music to our stream. It ranges from dance and trance, all the way to classic rock and heavy metal! You can hear his show on Saturdays from 2 to 5pm Eastern.

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Star Citizen Blog Posts

Each month our own DJ Neridium writes a new blog post about Star Citizen. KPR is planning to expand our parties into Star Citizen once that is possible, so if you would like to learn more about the game, give these posts a read!

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KPR Shoutbox

Did I mention recently how much KPR rocks? In case I haven’t: KPR ROCKS!
Replyscotsman 05.05 18:58
big shout out to @Trevorws
ReplyPhoenix_Lord 28.04 12:09
Thanks Malcolm for the tunes – rockin out at work. ๐Ÿ™‚
ReplyPhoenix_Lord 28.04 09:34
Morning all.
ReplyIsha 21.04 19:01
LOL love this Twofer !!! Let it go !!!
ReplySeele 21.04 14:08
tolle Musik heute
ReplyP\\\'Hytos 16.04 00:05
With Love ~ P’Hytos
ReplyBribear 14.04 15:03
The Aussie and the British Rocker… fun. Love ya, Nancie!
ReplyHigh lord foo foo 10.04 07:25
Morning kpr The only station in game that dosen’t suck ass. Should make that your motto
ReplyPeregine 07.04 19:54
Sorry to see you go Mr. Stevens. May you meet clear skies and safe roads wherever you roam.
Replyiron-Fear 31.03 19:16
We had a great party. Thx Zoddl
Replymalcom onleave 31.03 14:17
Hi zoฤdl, ล•ock die bude! Greets malcom
ReplyDakkValcyn@silentum 25.03 14:26
Replycptbambam 23.03 20:41
thats it for me the new age isnt me
Replycptbambam 23.03 18:18
Replybambam 23.03 17:35
ReplyJest@Peregine 22.03 02:07
Ni ni to the only other listener online at this late hour – keep the KPR spirit alive! Good night sweet Captain and flights of Prophets sing thee to thy rest! (and congrats to the KPR bot for the decent interim entertainment!)
That ad about Nancy and how many lights….priceless. Lol
Replyindy 10.03 17:50
can powers that be grant me some of their might and let me to the discord server LONG LIVE THE EMPIREEEE
Replyindy 09.03 19:10

Party Photos

To the right you can see some recent photos of our in-game parties. If you have any photos you would like to submit, please email them to us atย pics@kirtangpirateradio.comย Please include info for the pictures such as what party they are from and your own name so we can give you the credit for them. Pictures must be in JPG or JPEG format, and submitted in a compressed .ZIP folder. Maybe your photo will end up here!

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